A few words about the England match this Saturday…

We’ve had a few queries about the England vs Sweden game on Saturday afternoon and what this means to the Sutton Games.

The short answer is ‘nothing’. Not that we don’t care – quite the opposite, we will be rooting hard for Gareth’s dream-team to triumph – but that there’s no changes planned to the event in any way.

We understand of course that there will be enormous interest in the England game and that will likely impact the number of visitors attending on the Saturday. We also understand many of the hundreds of volunteers who are integral to making the Sutton Games a success will also want to catch the big game in one way or another.

We’ve spoken to a large number of these volunteers today and overwhelmingly, the response we’re getting is ‘don’t worry, we’ll be there’. Their loyalty to the Sutton Games is clear.

We have investigated various options to show the game but have concluded we can’t do this reliably, safely and legally without overcoming a large number of issues – and as a team we’re agreed that can’t be our focus over the next couple of days.

There will no doubt be radios in many of the gazebos, and we’re creating some shaded areas where people may want to catch the game on their phones (though remember we have no control over the 4G signal at Wyndley!). But, just for the sake of clarity, there’s no ‘official’ or general broadcast of the game planned.

So for us, the show goes on. We’ll be working as hard as we can to deliver the same Sutton Games experience for which we’ve become renowned and we hope to still see many of you there. And don’t forget we’re open for business from 12:00 on Sunday too.

And good luck England! Bring it home :-)