What is Bhangra Blaze?

We’ve had a few people ask about Bhangra Blaze since announcing it would be joining the Games itinerary this year. So we asked instructor Bally Bhogal to explain:

“BhangraBlaze is an amazing, calorie blazing fitness workout with lots of ‘bruahhh!’. Bhangra originates from the Punjab in India and is an energetic dance form, using the whole body to express love, joy and happiness. Using music that lifts, energises and invigorates participants, the results achieved are beyond limits leaving everyone feeling totally euphoric, with an overwhelming sense of well being and happiness.”

Boldmere Jun5th

“We are proud to be a regular feature on Big Centre TV, be performing on some of the biggest stages in the UK and also to have been featured on Star Plus.”

Contact Bally Bhogal at Bhangra Blaze on 07939 599475 or bally.bhogal@bhangrablaze.com for further information.