Where is the next Community Games taking place?

“The next Community Games will be taking place in Lichfield, on September the 18th and 19th. If you see me please come and say hello.”

What time is everything happening?

“The Lichfield Games will take place between 12pm and 5pm with different activities happening at different times.”

Do you just watch the sports and activities, or can you get involved?

“Great question! The Community Games is all about getting involved! The event is designed to let people – children and adults alike – have a go at loads of sports and activities. You’re welcome to just watch but there’s loads more fun to be had by getting stuck in!”

Is it true I’ll get a medal for just joining in?

“Yes you certainly do! We reward participation with an exclusive Games medal. To get one, all you need to do is complete 8 activities. Simply collect a sticker card when you arrive (or from one of our volunteers) and make sure you get a Buddy (that’s me!) sticker after each activity you try. Once your card is full, come down to the medal station to claim your prize!”

What activities and sports will I be able to try?

“We’re planning for there to be a wide variety of sports and activities this year – at the time of writing, we’re looking at around 35. These include sports you’ll probably know like football and rugby, ones you probably don’t like parkour, and cool activities including a climbing wall. Everything is subject to change for what are hopefully obvious reasons – follow us on social media for the latest news.”

Why is the event smaller than in previous years?

“There’s a really simple answer to this one – Covid-19. We really wanted to run the event this year but to do so safely, we need to keep it simple and compact. So, we’re limiting the number of visitors to avoid overcrowding and allow for social distancing. With more space dedicated to each activity, that means fewer activity providers than we’d normally have, but it’s for the right reasons, and as they say, bigger isn’t always better, so don’t let our smaller proportions this year put you of!”

What age is this event best for? Is it just for kids?

“While there’s no denying the Sutton Games is incredibly popular with children, and lots of activities are oriented towards them, you’ll find something of interest whatever your age or ability, from the very young to the very old (but young at heart!). There’s plenty to do and there’s no set formula to each activity so many can be adopted to suit the individual wanting to give it a try.”

How are you making this event Covid-secure?

“We are following all the relevant government guidelines and are planning for a number of measures. These include hand sanitisation stations and social distancing measures. We are also limiting the number of visitors to avoid overcrowding. There will be clear guidance at the event and all guests will be encouraged to play their part in helping everyone feel safe and comfortable.”

Will you be reviewing the Covid-secure plans between now and the event?

“Yes. The guidance is always subject to change, so we are of course monitoring it as well as all the advice available to us. If our plans need to evolve, we’re ready to do that.”

Could the Community Games be cancelled?

“Unfortunately, the reality of the Covid-19 situation means we must be prepared to cancel the Community Games at short notice. But as it stands now, we do not intend to cancel, and we hope that it won’t become necessary. We’re working incredibly hard to do everything we can to avoid this scenario and at the time of writing we are satisfied the measures we have planned mean we can host a safe event that meets all the requirements set out in the government’s guidelines.”

How will you tell people if the event is cancelled?

“We will update our website and post across all our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There will also be an automatic notification via our ticketing platform, Trybooking.”

If the event is cancelled, will I get a refund?

“Yes. If the event is cancelled, we will refund your money. If the event is postponed your ticket will carry forward to the rescheduled date, or if requested we will refund your money.”

I have bought tickets but can no longer attend – can I get a refund?

“Yes, if you cannot attend the event and would like a refund you are required to give notice no later than Friday 10th September. A full refund will be made. For withdrawals after this date, we will be unable to issue a refund. Alternatively, you can donate your ticket fee to the Sutton Coldfield Community Games. Email us at info@suttongames.co.uk “

Can I give my tickets to someone else?

“Tickets are non-transferable, so sorry, you can’t do this. If you no can no longer attend, you can apply for a refund if you do so no later than Friday 10th September. Email us at info@suttongames.co.uk “

Will tickets be available on the day?

“Tickets may be available depending on the number sold beforehand. This is quite hard to predict so if you know you’d like to come, we recommend you book now via our Online Booking page. We’ll post on our social media channels in advance of the weekend if tickets will be available on the day.”

How much are tickets and how do I buy them?

“Tickets are £2.50 each, with no charge for 3 years and under and they can be booked here: Online Booking

I thought the Community Games was a free event! Why are you charging this year?

“We’ve resisted implementing a charge since founding the original Sutton Games in 2012. Thus far, we’ve been able to cover our costs via a grant from the Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust 9for the Sutton Games) and our sponsors. But our costs have increased and in this exceptional year, we didn’t feel it right to bring on additional sponsors. Plus, we need to manage numbers this year, and the only way to sensibly do that is through a ticketing system, which of course comes at a price. So, we feel the charge is justifiable – we’ve kept it as low as we can and it still represents great value for money.”

Do I need to print my tickets?

“No, you can just show us them on your phone when you arrive. If you can’t find them, search in your email for ‘trybooking'”

Will you be making more tickets available?

“At this stage, we’re not sure. We need to manage numbers very carefully to keep everyone safe and comfortable and we’re erring on the side of caution. If we do decide to release more tickets, we’ll update via our social media channels.”

Who’s behind the Community Games?

“The Community Games is organised entirely by a team of enthusiastic local volunteers, led by Dennis Kennedy. Dennis founded the Sutton Games in 2012 and has now gone onto set up Community Games throughout the Midlands.”

How are the Community Games events funded?

“The Community Games is funded in a few ways. We receive a grant from the Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust (Sutton Games), have a handful of sponsors and this year we are also generating modest income via ticket sales. Combined, these cover the cost of the event. We do not make a profit – any left-over money is carried over to invest in the next Games.”

Are any of the activities suitable for people with accessibility needs?

“Yes, several of the activities planned are suitable for those with accessibility needs. At the time of writing, we are unable to confirm exactly what, but if you would like to understand more, please email us at info@suttongames.co.uk “

Will there be a quiet space?

“Unfortunately, we don’t have an isolated indoor space this year, but with a lower number of visitors than in previous years, there will be quiet areas around the outskirts of the event where you can take time out.”

Will there be an Accessible Games this year?

“We are hoping to stage our next Accessible Games in October. Keep an eye on our website for updates after the summer.”

What if it rains? Will the event still go ahead?

“Of course! This is Great Britain, and all events have to be weatherproof! Plus, that’s why we all have coats, umbrellas, and wet suits. We won’t lie; if it rains, we will be a little bit sad – this year of all years, we all deserve a little bit of sunshine. But if it rains, shrug it off and come down anyway, the welcome you’ll receive will soon warm you up.”

Can we eat there?

“Yes, of course! There will be a stand selling food thanks to the Deli in Boldmere, plus of course there’s the ice cream van and Costa Coffee at Wyndley Leisure Centre. And if you prefer, you’re very welcome to bring a picnic.”

Is there a bar? Or can I bring alcohol?

“No, we don’t have a bar and sorry, alcohol is not permitted on the site.”

Can I bring my dog?

“We love dogs but sorry, they’re not allowed within the track area at Wyndley so please leave them at home.”

Who is Buddy?

“That’s me! I am the Games’ mascot. I am a sports-mad and very cute blue bear. Say hi when you see me!”

Where can I find out more information?

“You’ll find lots of useful information on our website but also check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.”